References and our customer policy

We recognize that our services must extend far beyond the initial sales. The relationship with our customers is what counts and we prepared to provide you with the best service. We offer customer support services, training, replacement part supply and maintenance back up. Guaranteeing trouble-free operation for years to come.

The equipment and systems from BaritonCom are outstanding in their functional range, compatibility and capacity for integration.

Experienced engineers and technicians are ready to ensure that system design, specification, documentation, installations and operation all run smoothly.

We have countless impressive references. Just a few of the areas in which BaritonCom was involved.

  • Public address system's overall renovation at the Southern train station.
    The original system was installed by the most advanced electronically controlled loudspeaker arrays. The Railvox is equipped with a network interface that is used to send information about inside and outside temperatures, surveillance status, and measured ambient noise levels to a central host computer. Beside the zone selection and surveillance functions, the PC is used to to program automatically the announcement levels. During the extensive renovation a new control software was developed by our engineers to meet the original requirements with additional functions. A new central PC with new operating system (win XP) together with the new digital I/O control cards were installed. The entire system was carefully examined and repaired and documented.

  • Public address systems for Metro stations. The PA system employs a fully digital sound system (Praesideo) that meets all the requirements placed by users on a public address/emergency system. The processing and communication of both audio signals and control data entirely in the digital domain makes the system superior to other currently available public address and emergency sound systems. Digital signal processing allows significant improvements in audio quality to be achieved. The system is designed for configuration from a PC, which makes setting of operating parameters very simple and user-friendly. Capable of monitoring all the units in the system. Any fault is reported to the network controller.

  • Public address system for the Western train station.
    The system at train station employs an SM40 Microprocessor Controlled Sound Management System. The Whole station is divided up into different geographical loudspeaker zones such as platforms, cross platform, passenger hall etc. Special consideration has been given to the quality of sound in each area. High power innovative tri-cone speakers  have been installed in the high ceiling areas with excellent speech reproduction. Where the ceiling speaker installation has not been possible, high quality sound projectors are used to improve intelligibility.

  • Audiovisual system for the Tölösi Conferences Centre of the Hungarian Telecom. BaritonCom has supplied and installed a wide range of technical systems and equipment to contribute to the smooth , secure operation of the centre. BaritonCom also handled the new design, engineering and software development of AMX media- and room control system and Extron video distribution.

  • Conference and interpretation system for the Ministry of Interior.

  • Access control and CCTV system for the Hungarian News Agency (MTI). An extensive access and CCTV surveillance system for example, provides a full view of just about everything that is happening in the buildings and surrounding properties





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