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Conference Systems

The success of meetings and conferences depends to a large extent on efficient, reliable communication facilities. Even in acoustically difficult conditions, it is essential that participants can communicate clearly and easily. BaritonCom offers an economic solution for a wide range of conference, discussion and interpretation requirements.


Discussion Systems

Virtually every meeting can gain the benefits of discussion system. Participants can speak whenever they wish to, simply by pressing their microphone buttons. And with his priority facility, the chairman can easily maintain control of the meeting at all times. The discussion system provides the ease, effective sound management that makes every meeting more efficient and more enjoyable for participants.


Interpretation Systems

In multi-lingual conference environments, the simultaneous interpretation of the floor language into the languages of the participants is an essential requirement. Distribution of the different languages to individual delegates may be by means of wired or wireless language distribution system. Wireless system is available using the infra red transmission principles.


DCN Wireless Discussion Systems

Anywhere people meet
Whether the venue is large or small, multi-use or historical, the Bosch DCN Wireless Discussion System offers organizations unparalleled functionality and flexibility. The wireless system can be adjusted to meet any discussion requirement: from a basic set-up requiring no operator to a fully interactive voting arrangement with a large screen display.



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